Weathering the Storm—Moyer Facilities Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management and Retention are important to maintaining the natural habitats in and around commercial and residential areas.  Moyer Industries believes that natural beauty, functionality, and environmental stewardship are possible with the right maintenance plan for your stormwater issue.

Our team of certified BMP stormwater management professionals has the experience and expertise to inspect and assess your stormwater management capabilities; and then to implement and maintain effective solutions. Our experts always adhere to evolving best practices and will keep you compliant with local, regional, and federal stormwater management regulations and guidelines. Best of all, they will protect your peace of mind and the environment.

  • Stormwater Services

    • Certified BMP professionals for all services
    • Certification for confined space entry
    • Site inspections and audits
    • System maintenance and repair
    • Vegetation control and site upkeep
    • Wetland preservation
    • Certified aquatic herbicide application
    • Sediment and erosion control
    • Catch basin cleaning and repair
    • Trench drain cleaning and repair
    • Certified ScourStop™ installation
    • Draining, dredging and grading
    • Concrete repair
    • Jet-Vac Services