From Start to Finish:  Moyer Facilities Project Management Services

With over 60 years of successful project management experience under our belt, we know how to get things done on time and on budget. We can help you with every aspect of your next transportation or facility grounds project—from initial planning and implementation through to completion and after-project maintenance. We will sit down with you, find out exactly what your needs and goals are, and then turn your vision into reality.

Maybe you’ve already started a project, but aren’t sure of how to proceed. We can come in at any point to get things on track and moving forward. We have the experience and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t. And because we have access to valuable project resources such as reliable engineers and contractors, we can make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for at a value you’ll appreciate.

  • Project Startup

    • Create Scope of Work
    • Site Plan
    • Photos & Satellite Imagery
    • Strategic Planning

  • Coordination

    • Design Implementation
    • Securing project permits
    • Contractor management (subcontractors, suppliers, etc.)
    • Interface with Department of Transportation and appropriate government agencies
    • Communication with local government and residents
    • Media relations

  • Maintenance Services

    • Roads
    • Parking Lots
    • Everything needed outside the building
    • Renovation existing space or expanding footprint
    • Strategic Planning

  • 24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

    • Potholes
    • Trip Hazards
    • Sinkholes