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Moyer Industries is a family owned company with a diverse family of services that help our clients meet today's diverse challenges. From maintaining commercial retail and industrial properties to providing in-home care for seniors and people with special needs, we do it all, and more. And we always deliver superior quality and service along with value and integrity that can be hard to come by these days. With Moyer, you get a partner that stands by its work, and you.


home-divisions-1Moyer Facilities
Professional site services from a team you can trust.
home-divisions-2Moyer Energy
Advanced power management and lighting solutions.
home-divisions-3Moyer Healthcare
Helping people enjoy the quality of life they deserve.
home-divisions-4Moyer Promotions
Driving sales with smart advertising products.

News & Information

Stay Healthy at Any Age

John Moyer and Shirley Nixon from First Light Home Care share helpful health tips with WDTN.
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Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating and Crackseal

Asphalt parking lots are very expensive to install and have an effective life of 7-12 years before expensive repairs must be undertaken.
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Ideas to Improve Stormwater Discharge

Porous asphalt, also known as pervious, permeable, "popcorn," or open-graded asphalt, is standard hot-mix asphalt with reduced sand or fines and allows water to drain through it.
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